College Women’s Night, Article

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“College Women’s Night,” Article in the Baltimore Sun


College Women’s Night.

The most prominent men and women of Baltimore, including not only the leaders of society, but those who have risen to the top in education, in business and in other lines of activities tended last night’s session of the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association at the Lyric.
It was an audience the came to listen to the doctrines of woman’ suffrage as enunciated by its leading advocates.
With Miss Susan B. Anthony herself on the platform and several of the leading woman educators of the country to present the doctrine from the view point of the highly educated woman, the cause was splendidly presented.
In no way can the importance of the meeting be more emphatically shown than to mention the names of the speakers, who were:

Miss Mary E. Wooley, president of n Mount Holyoke College.
Miss Lucy M. Salmon, professor of history, Vassar College. *
Miss Mary A. Jordan, professor of English, Smith College.
Miss Mary W. Calkins, professor of philosophy and psychology, Wellesley College.
Miss Eva Perry Moore, president of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae.
Mrs. Maud Wood Park, A. B., president Boston Branch of the Equal Suffrage League in Woman’s Colleges.
Miss M. Carey Thomas, president of Bryn Mawr College.

It was college night. President Ira Remsen, of John Hopkins University, presided. He spoke very briefly and gave warning that the time limit was to be rigidly enforced upon all speakers.

Dr. Remsen explained that the meeting was arranged by the women’s colleges to pay a tribute to Miss Anthony and to her cause and that it was not planned by the suffragists. He then spoke a few words of Miss Anthony. “As we were coming in Miss Anthony said to me that she was still optimistic, that she had been optimistic for 67 years.

“That is a magnificent lesson for every one,” he said. “Few of us keep optimistic about any subject for so long a time. Think of that. Optimistic for 67 years! Take it to heart, tall of you. It is a splendid lesson.”

-Baltimore Sun

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Baltimore News. 1906. “College Women’s Night.” February 8, 1906. Miller NAWSA Suffrage Scrapbooks, 1897-1911.

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