Jay Brown to Ezra Cornell, Letter

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Jay Brown Letter to Ezra Cornell. Ithaca, New York, October 6, 1868.


Jay Brown Oct. 6, ‘68

Dear Sir.

You will probably be surprised at receiving this from an entire stranger but I think that circumstances are such as will justify me in doing so.

I came to this village with the expectation of working my way through the University which under the existing state of things I find impossible.

The wages amounting to $3.15 per week while the actual expenses cannot be less than $5.00 per week. Your letter in the N. Y. Tribune brought me hither and many others also. If I have a wrong idea of this matter please inform me of the fact.

                        Your Ob’ed’t Servant,

                        Jay Brown

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Brown, Jay. 2006. Jay Brown Letter to Ezra Cornell, October 6, 1868 (On Affording College Expenses). Letter. The Ezra Cornell Bicentennial. https://rmc.library.cornell.edu/ezra/exhibition/exertions/REX027_112.pdf

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