Mark Ryan to Sylvia Fine, Letter

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Mark B. Ryan, dean, Calhoun College, Yale College, to Sylvia Fine Kaye, August 19, 1975


Yale College New Haven, Connecticut
Calhoun College
Office of the Dean
August 19, 1975

Ms. Sylvia Fine Kaye
P.O.  Box 750
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Dear Mrs. Kaye:

I am happy to learn that you will be staying with us over the weekend of our college seminar registration. This is a note to explain our registration procedures.

On Friday, September 5th, the students will submit application cards. Selection is normally made on the basis of these cards; they contain basic information such as name, major, class, etc., in addition to a personal statement of why the student wishes to enroll in the course. This statement should include information about past training as well as about specific career goals. The student may also submit optional supporting materials. All of these materials should be available in my office after 5 o’clock p.m. Lists of the students selected to enroll are to be posted by noon of the following Monday, giving you the weekend to make the decision.

As I mentioned to you before, the selection should include seven students from Calhoun, seven from the co-sponsoring college (Timothy Dwigh), and four from other colleges, for a total of 18. I am confident that your pool of applicants will be so extensive that you will have no difficulty in finding a qualified class which fulfills this guideline. Other selection criteria are at discretion. I will of course be happy to consult with you on this when you arrive.

I look forward to meeting you on the 5th.


Mark B. Ryan

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Ryan, Mark B. 1990. Mark B. Ryan to Sylvia Fine Kaye, August 19, 1975 (On “History of American Musical Theater” Class). Letter. The Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Collection.

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