Negroes Jailed For Protests, Newspaper Article

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Negroes Jailed For Protests.


Negroes campaigning for equal treatment at Southern lunch counters are being jailed by the dozens, but there is no sign of a letup in the drive.

Authorities arrested 154 demonstrators Friday. All were jailed for a time, then released on bond. The movement spread to two new cities- Miami, Fla., and Houston, Tex.

Eight Negro clergymen in Miami made two attempts to crack the color barrier, in a department store and at a variety store lunch county. Both failed.

Up to 100 Negroes identified by a spokesman as students of Texas Southern University staged an orderly sitdown in Houston after waitresses refused to serve them at a supermarket lunch counter.

Nearly a thousand wildly cheering Negro students roared approval of a mass strike at Alabama State College in Montgomery where spring quarter registration begins Monday.

The students drowned out speakers time after time during a hymn singing, hand-clapping rally, held in support of nine student leaders expelled for leading student demonstrations in downtown Montgomery.

Bernard Lee, student president from Norfolk, Va., and one of those expelled, appealed to the students not to register Monday.

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The Associated Press. 1960. “Negroes Jailed For Protests.” The Ludington Daily News, March 5, 1960.

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