“The Junior,” Sketches of College Life, Sketch

Sketch of student sitting at a desk. He is looking towards the camera and is holding a piece of paper and a stylus in his hands. There is a candle at his desk, and picture and book care on the wall. It is captioned "Sketches of the College Life by J.N. Mead. The JUNIOR."
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Sketches of college life by J.N. Mead. The junior.

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Mead, J.N. n.d. Sketches of college life: The junior. Drawing. https://www.loc.gov/item/2003671761/

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Mead, J.N.. n.d.. "“The Junior,” Sketches of College Life, Sketch." History of Higher Education. https://higheredhistory.gmu.edu/primary-sources/the-junior-sketches-of-college-life-sketch/