While there are many chronicles of the history and legacy of higher education in the US, access to primary sources (immediate or first-hand accounts of a time or event) has thus far been scattered. The History of Higher Education website aims to create an archive of such primary sources related to higher education in the United States. 

In addition to primary sources, this site also documents links and citations to secondary sources that discuss the history of higher education, and institutional archives that detail the history of a particular university or college. These resources allow this site to be a well-rounded resource for both students, instructors, or simply curious people to learn more about higher education in the United States and its development over time.

A Black female student smiles at the camera in graduation attire, with her family grouped and smiling to her right.
“December Graduation” in The Advocate, George Mason University Archives (1973)
A car bumper with a George Mason University Student sticker and a bumper sticker which reads, "If you don't like the police, next time you need help call a Hippie!"
Photo from The Advocate, GMU Yearbook (1973)
A young red-leafed tree with sunlight filtering through the leaves stands before a white and brick building with large glass windows. Three people talk near the building in bell-bottomed pants.
Photo from The Advocate, George Mason University Yearbook (1973).